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Easter holiday camp 2020a.png
Week 1: Monday - 6th April
Week 2: Monday 13th April CLOSED
9am - 5.30pm
Flora and Fauna
Learn the basics of Plant and Tree Identification and learn some simple tracking skills to find out what s living in and around Camp Elder.
Week 1: Tuesday - 7th April
Week 2: Tuesday - 14th April
9am - 5.30pm
Talent With Tools
Learn to safely use a variety of edged tools from Hatchets to Bow Saws and create a woodland work of art
Week 1: Wednesday - 8th April
Week 2: Wednesday - 15th April
9am - 5.30pm
Wood Wednesday
Learn how to safely use a knife to create a Woodland Friend or fancy Fungi, make a game, carve a spoon or make a whistle. This day is all about creating with wood.
Week 1: Thursday - 9th April
Week 2: Thursday - 16th April
9am - 5.30pm
Camp Crafts
Learn to set up camp, make fire and get comfortable at Camp Elder. A day of den building and bushcraft
Week 1: Friday 10th April CLOSED
Week 2: Friday - 17th April
9am - 5.30pm
Fun & Games Friday
Play woodland games and complete challenges on this fun filled Friday.